Sunday, October 09, 2005

People are saved by crocldiles

The crocldile blood was discovered by Australian scientists.They found the blood has powerful antibiotic properties. The HIV virus and bacteria was killed by it.
Crocodile blood was collected by scientists.with the aim of isolating the antibodies to develop a medicine for humans.
People could takes orally or uses directly on the skin.A researcher involved with the project said: there is a lot of work to be done.It may take years before we can get to the stage where we have something to market".

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My hometown: GuangDong

My hometown: GuangDong


1.Geography, population, Climate
3.Attractions and famous places to visit
4.Traditions, culture, Special event

The conclusion

Today I’d like to introduce my hometown: GuangDong. My talk will cover four main areas. I’ll talk about: first: Geography, population, climate
Then: history
Next: attractions and famous places to visit
Finally: tradition, culture, special event

My hometown: GuangDong in China
I come from China, China is a large, ancient (it’s over 5,000 year old) country, it has an area of over 9,600,000 kilometers, and its population is over 1,300,000,000. There are 56 national groups. China is also a multi-racial, multicultural society. Different national groups have different languages and different culture. China has 27 provinces and 2 administrative areas (Hong Kong and Macau). My hometown is GuangDong ( which was formerly known as Canton to the western world) it is a very large, old province of China.

[Geography, population, Climate]

GuangDong is located 180 KM away from Hong Kong and situated in the southern part of China mainland. It has 3,368 KM of winding coastline which is the longest in the country. It has an area of over 180,000 square KM, It has a famous river called: Pearl River, which cross all over the province through to the South China Sea. There are 74,730,000 inhabitants. GuangDong’s people are very hard work and friendly.
GuangZhong is the capital city of GuangDong, it is an ancient, prosperous, business city.
GuangZhong has a subtropical climate. There are 4 seasons, in spring, it is humid, in summer, it is sweltering hot and wet, also often has typhoon and rainstorm, summer last a long time, in autumn, it is a little cool, turn dry, in winter, it is cold, the autumn temperature averages 19-26 degree. The rainfall averages nearly 1500-2000millimeters.


GuangZhong is an ancient city with a history of 2,800 years. It is a first seaport city in China was thronged with swarms of foreigners. Now in Shamian, there are lots of western-style buildings and have lots of foreigners. GuangZhong is also called: The spring city, because in a long summer, the city always has lots of green plants and colourful, fresh flowers make it very beautiful. The other name is: Goat City. In GuangZhong, there is a Five Rams Statue. It is a symbol of GuangZhong. Myth legend long, long ago, there were five immortals ridding five ram, each rams carried a stem of rice, they flew through the air to here, they made here abundant of harvest and prosperity. In GuangZhong there are lots of railways, highways, bridges, multi levels of flyovers and waterways, subways, and has a very big and modern international airport. The ferries are still used today.

[Attractions and famous places to visit]

In city, you can visit the Shamian Island, there are lots of western-style building and cofe shops. Climb the White Cloud Mountain with its wonderful views, on the top of mountain you can see different kind of birds. Walk around the YueXiu Park, inside there is a temple and sport playground. Also you can go to appreciate The Chen Family, Sun Zhong Shan Memorial Hall and Six Banyan Trees Temple. If you are a adventurer, I suggest you go to visit The wildlife zoo at day or at night, because the zoo is open for animals all day and all night.
At night, you can enjoy a ferry or a boat to visit The Peal River. It is very nice at night, because on the two sides, there are lots of gorgeous street lanterns. Also you can go to the nightclubs or restaurants for their exciting nightlife. For women, shopping is very enjoyable, because GuangZhong is a very fashionable city, there are many fashionable department stores, shops, markets. A lot of clothes and shoes are made from GuangDong. The prices are cheaper than in the other cities.
Outside the city, you may see beautiful countryside scenery, there are many mountains and hill landscapes. If you like sunbath and swimming, there are many beautiful beaches. If you are interested in traditional buildings, you can visit the famous GuangDong Garden and Temple. For sports enthusiastic people, you can enjoy golf courses.

[Traditions, culture, special event]

GuangDong has its own tradition, it’s different to the other part of China. It has its language, tee culture, gastronomy Cantonese cuisine, building style, religion and superstition, embroidery.
GuangDong has lots of languages, but major’s is Cantonese.
In China, has “eat in GuandDong”, GuangDong has famous food and style. Now in Australia, there are lots of Cantonese restaurants, tee houses, shops open in Charswood, Hurstville, Burwood, China town. You can try famous food in there. Such as various congee, good taste soup and dessert, rice noodle, seafood, fantastic snacks, Dim Sum, Cantonese style cake, herbal medicine, KonFu tee. It’s very health food for people.
GuangDong’s people very believe in Buddha, every festival, the people will go to temple to pray and burn incense. Every first and 15th lunar calendar, lots of people eat vegetarian diet. In the morning, every park and square, most people play TaiJi KonFu, this is very popular exercise in GuangDong. The GuangDong embroidery is famous for its splendid color and vivid pictures.
In China, the most important holiday is Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year.( the first day of Chinese lunar calendar to 15th ). In a few days ago, people clean the house, prepare foods, hair cut, buy new clothes, houses are festooned with paper scrolls, decorated with flowers, plants. People will stick antithetical couplet side of the door. All the members of families come together for a New Year’s Eve dinner. In the northern part of China, Dumpling is very popular, but in GuangDong the family prepare other special foods and snacks, everything has different means. After dinner, all family will go to a night market. The night market is very beautiful. There are lots of things to sell. People will buy one bundle flowers or a lovely windmill. This folklore society is different to other province. At the midnight, people will light fire-crackers( but now in city can’t light, in countryside also can do this) and burn incense to pray. During the Spring Festival, the government will supply traditional recreational activities, such as parades, lion dance, dragon-lantern dance, Contonese opera and drama, show, ethnic group cultural dance and performances. The children are very happy for this, because they will get lucky red envelope with money and eat delicious foods. Most people will dress the traditional dress to visit their friends.
The other important festival is The Mid-Autumn Festival, falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, also known as the moon festival. On this day, the moon is the brightest and to be perfectly round and you share” Moon Cakes” with your family and friends.
In different province, there are different legends.
On May 9, it has: The Dragon Boat Festival, on this day, many people play the dragon boat race, eat ZongZi, drink realgar liquor, post poems to commemorate QuYuan( he as the father of Chinese poetry, but he committed suicide when the King fell to invading forces)

These are my hometown GuangDong’s introduction, as you can see GuangDong is a attractive city, She always welcome all world friends to visit her. I’d like to finish up at my speech but first I’m happy to answer any of your questions if I can.

My city is a good place to live

My opinions: My city is a good place to live
I’ve been in Sydney for one year, I like to live in Sydney, because it’s a very beautiful city. In my opinion my city is a good place to live.

Firstly, Sydney is a modern city, there are a lot of famous places to visit. For example: Darling Harbor, The Opera House, The Blue Mountains, also there are a lot of lovely beaches and parks. Every year, many travelers come to Sydney and spend their holiday here.

Secondly, Sydney’s weather is better than other cities. There are four seasons in a year, but in summer, it isn’t very hot and in winter it isn’t very clod. In the spring and autumn, there are lots of flowers and fruits, because many of families love to plant different plants. In Sydney, the air isn’t as polluted as other cities, because a lot of vehicles use electricity and gas, and the government pays more attention to environmental protection.

Third, Sydney’s security is better than other cities, the people are very kind and polite. The police is orderly. If you need help, they will very happy to give you a hand. In Sydney, there aren’t war and fights. Another point, Sydney has free, a good health system. It’s a multicultural city. In Sydney there are lots of public and private hospitals. The government supply many of health centers for people. Also you can vote, sent your opinion to different newspapers and political parties.

To sum up, I think Sydney is the best place to live, because it’s modern, attractive, it has good weather all year round, it’s also a safe city with a multicultural society. So why many of people love to immigrate here.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

important things obout presentation

I think a good presentation is including these points:
1.choose a topic that audience are intesting and easy to understand.
2.make sure you understand the topic. prepare and plan,do some research and ask for help, collect evidence and examples to support your argument.
3.practise the presentation and time it,make you comfortable.
4.introduce:use your own words,body language,visual aids,equipment,don't memorise,sound enough laudly and clear pronsication to make your presentation visually interesting. you are organise it,deliver the imformation, divide your ideas into several main ideas,keep things simple.
6.conclusions: repeat your points,stress your conclusions,invite questions.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

when I was young

I don't remember what I was like as a toddler,but my mum told me some things. She said when I was a tlddler I was very amusing and entertaining.

I drew lots of pictures on the wall but nobody could understand them.I touched everything.One day,my mum took me to a shop,I hid,she didn't notice me.After she paied money and started to leave,she realised I was lost. She was very worried,all the people in this shop started to look for me,but nobody could find me,because I hid in a woman long dress.

After a few years,I was a seven year old,I was a huisance,infuriating and a good girl.I helped my parents to do some housework but I always made mum very angry,because I with my kindgarden friends stole my neighbor's fruit and flowers.We climbed his trees and trampled his garden.He often complained to my parents.We also fought about toys and made a big noise.And then my mum would hit me and disciplind me.

When I grew up,I was a teenager,I was well behaved and moody.I learned swimming in a river,I played skating and studied very hard.One time,I with my classmates swam in a river but that day the weather turned bad,I drown in the river,fortunately,my neighbor save me.I played skating I broke my arm,my mum told me I couldn't play this sport after that.In school,when I had good results or had prizes,I felt very proud,when I failed the test I felt sad.
My parents always educated me to study very hard,so I had lots of awards and prizes at my school.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My opinion about: my son is 26 and still at home

My opinion about: my son is 26 and still at home
After one piece of news I read my classmates’ s opinions about one piece of news: A Sydney mother complaining about her son still living at home in spite of being 26 years of age” I found out that:
Some classmates support this young man living with his parents, because they reckon the parents have the responsibility to take care of their children, even who they are adults, but some classmates opposed that. They complain that a young man, because he is an adult, has to independent.
In my opinion, I think I would be like that mother, if I had that child.
Firstly, when the child grows up, they are educated from school, family and society. The parents and teacher will definitely tell them what they can do in the future, what their duty is. They learn more skills from different places. They do more things by themselves. They will know what’s their responsibility (why people have to study, work, help each other) and when they became an adult, they have to achieve self-renewal with their own effort.
In western countries, the children are more independent than in a eastern counties. When I came to Australia, my teacher told me her story. She has 3 children. When they grew up, she educated them the money was how to earn by their parents. So if the children want to get pocket-money, they had to do some house chores. When they were 16 years old, they found a part-time job to do after school or in the holiday. When they were 18 years old, they were independent young adults. If they had gone to university, they would have owed HECS. If they lived with their family they had to share the rent and other expenses.
Secondly, in western countries, most parents who are very rich, but they don’t leave a legacy to their children, because they hope their children can like them, earn more money by themselves.
Now in my country, that mother’s situation happens very often. Parents just have 1 or 2 children who are the apple of their eyes. Parents indulge their children so much, when the children grow up the parents offer them everything they want. They don’t educate the child about values. After the child became an adult, if they do some difficult things, they give up very easily, because they are irresponsible. They depend on their parents. So now lots of parents are very worried and complain about these adult children. They don’t want to do any hard jobs but they want a good lifestyle. They spend their parents’s money. That’s terrible.
To sum up, it is not appropriate for a young adult to live entirely on their parents. The parents have to find a good way to definitely tell him and make him undertake his sense of responsibility.

Some of my classmates don’t agree with this mother, because they think she doesn’t want to have any more responsibility with her child. Every mother must take care of her child until she dies. Other people said maybe there are some economical reasons or psychological problems with this young adult. In any case a child adult living with his parents is a normal phenomenon, but some of my classmates think they will be unhappy and will be like this mother, desperate and impatient. In their opinions, the children when they grow up, they need to learn how to be independent and maturity. What their responsibility is. They can’t be independent from their parents when they are adults. After they get a job they have to achieve self-esteem, independence with their own effort.

Monday, August 08, 2005

My opinion about environmental crisis

I read about Spain facing rapid environmental crisis. I think this is not only happening in Spain but also in the rest of the world. Like in my country, there are many industrial factories and chemical industrial factories all over. They have built a lot of industrial parks, the government has occupied lots of farms and forests , cut lots of woods, they have destroyed green areas. So many countries are becoming deserts.
When the factory lets out a lot of exhaust in the air, and chemicals contaminate the rivers and the water, they all get polluted. So now the weather is turning warmer and warmer. Some areas are suffering drought, some areas are flooding ,and lots of people get different sicknesses, like cancer, industrial disases and respiratory illnesses.

Now, the govenment realise the pollution is very bad for the human health and life,and protecting the earth from this problem is a very important and extensive priority for most governments. Governments make a lot of laws to protect the forest and send lots of money to avert the pollutiom. This is a very rapid economic development which has caused extensive environmental degradation.

A young mother

On this weekend,I visited my friend who had a baby girl two days ago.When I went to her house,I saw a midwife was teaching her how to wash with the baby.She filled water in a plastic bathtub,and used a hand to touch the water,said:the temperature is ok. And then,she took off the baby's cloths and one hand holded the baby's neck,one hand wetted the bathtowel. First stamp,she cleaned the baby's face(eyes,ears,neck).Second stamp,she put the baby's body into the water,put some shampoo in one hand,washed the baby's head.Third stamp,she put few drops lotion into the water,washed baby's body(legs,hands,armpits).When she finished,she put the baby in a big bathtowel and dried her skin,put some cream in her bady.She used a cotton stick to clean the baby's umbilical core,and then,put the cloths on .The baby is so small,like a toy,when she washed her,the baby looked like very enjoy in the water,she didn't cry very much.
When the midwife finished it,she told some notes to my friend and said good bye.
My friend looked very tired,she told me about her 2 days experience in the hospital,when I heard that,I was frightened.

Friday, August 05, 2005

my famous person:Pablo Picasso

I'm interested in arts .My famous people is Pablo Picasso.
He was a cubist painter and sculptor,the people named he is a "20century the greatest artist".Pablo Picasso was born on25th October 1788 in Spain,and die on 8th April 1973 in Fresh.
Pablo Picasso,his father was an academic painter,when Picasso was a child,he loved drawing very much,he learned drawing from his father. When he was 15 years old,he showed a painting in Barcelona,from that ,many people knew his name.
In 1900,Picasso traved to Paris at his first time.He saw different scenery in Paris.They gave him a lot of inspration in arts.19 years old,he had a first exhibition in Barcelona of Paris.It was very successful.At that time,he knew lots of painter.
In 1904,he settled in Paris,he has lots of painter's friends,such as:Guillaume Apollinaire,Max Jacob,Gertrude ,Leo stein.
In 1909,he and Georges Braque set cubism. He had different period,at the first life (1901-1904)was the Blue Period,and then (1905-1907) was the Rose period,after1907 was the Black Period.
In 1907,he painted,Picasso also was a pacifist,he loved peace opposed the war.In 1936,when Adolf Hitler bombed Guernica of Spain,it has profoundly affected he,He painted.When the America attacked Korea,he opposed the American offensive,he drawed.
Picasso was a prolific worker,in his life ,he had 37000 artefacts,including:painting,drawing,prints,ceramics,sculpture.